This one’s for you, Jabs.

8 Jan


Jack Jablonski. I know you all have been hearing about Jabs over the last week, but I just really wanted to write about him.  In case you haven’t heard, Jack was checked from behind into the boards at a hockey games last week, and promptly fell to the ground– paralyzed. The response to his accident has been phenomenal, you can’t scroll down a news feed on any social network without seeing statuses about him, articles posted, or his number 13 in red as a profile thumbnail. There has also been– to my utter shock– some statuses reacting negatively to the prayer and support for Jabs. I was absolutely appalled at the fact that anyone would have anything to complain about bunch of kids who are concerned for a peer, because this hit a little too close to home. Personally I found it to be a nice change to see a bunch of people trying to gather support for someone other than themselves, instead of the everyday drama and petty whining you see on social networks.

I don’t know about you, but I find this pretty cool.

But really, I don’t want to get into all that. I didn’t want this post to be me advertising my own opinions, I just truly wanted to post a shout out to this incredible 16 year old, a boy that before last week none of us had even heard of, but has suddenly made such a huge impact on our lives. It just shows what we all take for granted every day, and how everything can change in an instant. But the amount of support that has gone out to Jack has been so inspiring to see. Just a high school kid from MN, support has flooded in from all parts of the world. The hash tag #jabs has been used by friends and strangers alike, including many NHL players and other professional athletes. Many others have posted messages on a Facebook page set up for Jablonski, and his CaringBridge page has also had nearly 300,000 visitors.


A severed spinal cord is an inescapably grim prognosis, but I believe in miracles. According to an article put out yesterday, Jack was able to move his arms– something doctors said he would never be able to do. Jack’s mom said he moved both his left and right arms on command about five times, bringing his arms all the way up to his chest. Two days earlier, the surgeon who performed Jack’s surgery said regaining function of his hands and arms would be “very unlikely.” After such an achievement, Jack then jokingly asked ‘When can I strap on the skates?’ :)

I can’t even imagine what he is going through right now, to have something so basic as the movement of your own limbs snatched away from you in a split second. But to remain so determined and so optimistic through this time is so incredibly inspiring. I would like to believe I would react just as well in a similar situation, but realistically I’m afraid I wouldn’t. Anyways, this is for you. Thank you so much for changing the way I view even the simplest luxuries, thank you for giving me reason to be thankful every single day. Stay strong, Jabs. We’re all still behind you, we’re all still praying, and we all believe in miracles.


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