26 Dec

Sometimes I hate the fact that she actually is gorgeous. And that she probably is a much better person than I am. I hate the fact that she probably hasn’t made half of the mistakes that I’ve made, but that’s also because she hasn’t seen half of the things I’ve seen. She seems to have it all together, but does she know how to truly appreciate a good thing when she’s got it? Has life taught her any hard lessons? Yes I can admit that she’s probably a great girl, but is she merely a product of her surroundings? Raised in a candy-coated, bubble-wrapped existence, does she honestly know what it’s like to love and to have lost and to reach rock bottom where you have nothing left but your own mangled self-identity? Has she ever been challenged in life? The most painful events are also those from which a person discovers who they really are, what they stand for, and what they value. Who is she? What does she stand for? Where do her priorities lie? Does she know how to appreciate a good thing when she’s got it, or will she think that someone like you is common, easy to find? Easy come, easy go. I ask you these things not because I would ever wish a painful or challenging life upon anyone, but because sometimes people need to understand that scars can contain far more beauty than ugliness. That scars may tell stories of bad decisions, or unfortunate circumstance, but that they may ultimately tell the greatest story of personal victory. I wish you could see that while a body devoid of scars may be beautiful, it also contains no stories, no depth. Perhaps no failures, but also no victories. I ask you this, while she glows with happiness and positivity, could she carry the same attitude after experiencing tragedy? Is she happy simply because she has never had a reason not to be, or is her positive attitude a conscious decision every single day to view this broken world as beautiful, despite the troubles she has seen? Nobody’s life is perfect but I am dying to know, does she have even a single memory that has ever haunted her when she’s alone, keeping her from sleep at night? Has she ever had to fear for her life even once, let alone on a regular basis? Has she ever been forced to lose faith in humanity? Has she ever, EVER, felt like her world was crashing around her, yet continued to push forward and choose to create her own fate, rather than becoming a victim of circumstance? See, she is beautiful, and I’m sure she has a good heart, and knows how to make you happy. But how much value do you think you will hold in her eyes, when she knows nothing of anything worse. How can you allow yourself to be an average find to her, when you could be someone else’s treasure? When life throws its curveballs at you, will she know how to handle them? I hate that these are the questions no one asks, and then they wonder why they feel unfulfilled. Don’t be so naive. Open your eyes. Embrace the scars of yourself and others, for they are the emblems of the moments which truly define us.


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